Fedrel Meter

Woltman Water Meter

The Woltman Water Meter FM-02, which we offer, is a Woltman-type meter that is specially designed for the purpose of measuring the bulk flows of the cold potable water in industrial, commercial applications as well as distribution system monitoring system. We are ranked amongst the trusted Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Woltman Water Meter.


Size Range(S) :

  • 40 To 500 MM(1½” To 20”)

Accuracy Class :

  • Class B (±2 % @ Nominal flow rate)

End Connection :

  • Flanged Ends

Features & Benefits :

  • Extra Dry Dial
  • Hermetically sealed register ensures that all internal parts clean and prevents fogging throughout the entire lifetime of the meter.
  • Robust type body to pass the strongest resistance tests in both static and dynamic conditions.
  • High quality engineered materials for hydraulics and register pivot ensure high reliability and durability
  • Shock –resistant material for register and closure.                                                                                  
  • High performance magnetic transmission ensures no part of the register is in contact with  water
  • Interchangeable spare parts for easy online maintenance
  • High sensitivity, low pressure loss
  • In-line strainers are standard.
  • Available for both cold and hot water.
  • 100% of the products are calibrated and all    calibrations results can be provided
  • Temperature Range = 45oc

Description :

  • FEDREL Make Woltman Type Water Meter (Cold)

Product Standard :

  • ISO-4064/IS-2373

Body Material cum Standard :

  • IS-210 Gr. FG-200

Product Description :

  • Woltman (Bulk) Type Cold Water Meter

Accuracy Class :

  • Class B (±2 % @ Nominal flow rate)

Dial Details :

  • Magnetic Drive, Extra Dry Dial

Temp Range :

  • 0oC to 45oC

Protection Class : 

  • IP-68

End Details :

  • Flanged Ends to BS: 4504 PN 16

Applications :

  • Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Water Supply Networks

Certifications :

  • IP-68, FCRI