Fedrel Meter

Ultrasonic BTU Flow Meter

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Size Range(S) :

  • 15 & 500 MM (½” To 20”)

Accuracy Class :

  • Ultrasonic Meters -+/- 1% Electromag

End Connection :

  • Screwed Male upto 50mm and above 50 mm Flanged Ends

Features & Benefits :

  • Calculate and display the consumption value of the heat.
  • Display the temperatures of in-flow water and out-flow water.
  • Display the temperatures difference between in-flow and out-flow water.
  • Display instantaneous flow rate.
  • Without any mechanical movement, abrasion, or influence by bad water quality, the maintaince cost is very low.
  • Low actuating water flow.
  • With an M-BUS optical output interface to realize remote automatic reading (RS 485 optional).
  • With automatic error diagnosis function to ensure the meter working with safety and accuracy.
  • Fedrel has well equipped Laboratory for Calibration. Meters in service can also be Re-Calibrated at the factory. Thus more dependable
  • Fedrel also has a trained and qualified team in place to provide On- Site Calibration of the Meters whenever required.

Description :

  • FEDREL Make BTU Meter with Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Type

Body Material cum Standard :

  • Brass IS-1264 Gr. DCB-2/ IS-210 Gr. FG-200

End Details :

  • Screwed Male Ends to BS: 21 BSP/ Flanged Ends to BS: 4504 PN 16

Fedrel offers  : 
Fedrel offers complete range of BTU meters (15mm to 500mm) in both Ultra Sonic and Electromagnetic Working Principles. Ultrasonic Meters - +/- 1%. Electromagnetic Meters - +/- 0.5%.Fedrel BTU Meters come with RS 485 communication port with MODBUS RTU protocol as a standard feature. This allows for data transmission upto 1000 mts. As an option BACNET protocol compatibility can also be provided. PT 1000 sensors are supplied as standard instead of PT 100 that the competition offers. Thus more reliable and accurate. All Fedrel BTU Meters come with IP 68 protection Class enclosures. Thus more reliable and durable.

Applications :

  • Net Heat Meter- Complete system for commercial and residential tenant billing.


Type Ultrasonic
Material Aluminum, Cast Iron
Voltage 220V
Usage Industrial, Residential
Driven Type Electric
Certificate CE Certified
Warranty 1 Year