Fedrel Meter

Testing & Calibration

At Fedrel Meter, our physical testing and chemical analysis labs are outfitted with modern equipments to ensure that the metallurgical properties of all the raw materials are in strict compliance with the international standards and codes.

For example, each and every Meter of brand FEDREL is tested completely for its functionality before it is sent out to our customers. Pneumatic and hydrostatic testing is conducted on conventional and Programmable Logic Controlled test benches which have the capability to test Flow meter up to #2500 pressure rating.

Fedrel Meter also has a well-equipped lab in place for testing and calibration of Balancing & Control Flow meter from sizes 15mm to 400mm.

All the instruments used throughout the manufacturing process and the instrumentation used on the testing and calibration benches are calibrated by NABL accredited Test Laboratories. We have a strict calibration program to ensure that all these instruments are recalibrated regularly. These records can be shared on request.