Fedrel Meter

Manufacturing Process

Customer satisfaction is what drives us at Fedrel Meter. And we know that complete customer satisfaction can only be achieved by adopting a no-compromise approach towards quality. Hence, we take special care to ensure that our products and manufacturing processes comply with the highest standards of production and relevant specifications. At every
Fedrel Meter has 2 modern factories spread over 11,000 Square Meters located in the city of Jalandhar, in Punjab, India. The factories employ a skilled workforce of over 300.

Helping this diligent workforce achieve the ultimate target of customer satisfactions are the latest CNC Machining Centres, Horizontal Boring Machines, specialised
At Fedrel Meter’s assembly shop every employee demonstrates commitment to “Pioneering Fluid Controls”. A team of highly skilled and experienced man power is always striving for perfection. Qualified Supervisors and Quality Control Engineers practice well documented Quality Procedures, Process Parameters and Work Instructions to ensure every
At Fedrel Meter, our physical testing and chemical analysis labs are outfitted with modern equipments to ensure that the metallurgical properties of all the raw materials are in strict compliance with the international standards and codes.

For example, each and every Meter of brand FEDREL is tested completely for its functionality
Fedrel Meter has well equipped surface treatment and painting facility in place to cater to varied requirements of a wide spectrum of applications.

Grit Blasting / Pickling / Phosphating procedures are used for surface preparation prior to painting / coating. A team of skilled painters have experience to handle customer specifications
Fedrel Meter’s responsibility is to ensure that all materials and equipment are properly packed for its intended mode of shipment. Machined surfaces are protected with requisite protectors and sealed against corrosion. Sensitive instruments, especially electronics, are removed and packed separately if required. Packing is performed in compliance